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toilet cabin, biotoilet, septic tanks,
acrylic baths and acrylic loose leaves, vacuum molding equipment, rotational molding equipment, rotational molding equipment

Vacuum forming equipment, Pneumatic molding equipment, Rotational molding equipment and Extrusion equipment.

Composting toilets, toilet cabins, septic tanks, open net cage and mooring systems.


Our company is continuously developing existing areas of its business, as well as create new ones, which is reflected on the site, which also is in a state of continuous renewal. The absence of frozen forms makes some disorder in the system of presenting information, for which we apologize in advance. But we recommend more frequent visits to our site: Even if now your search is on the our web pages did not give result - the chances are that after a while, you'll find it here.

Equipment for the rotational molding of polymers.

Equipment for the rotational molding of plastic products.

The ENGINEERING COMPANY MAGISTRAL produces the rotomolding equipment for the plastic products big size.

rotomolding equipment  rotomolding equipment rotomolding equipment

Equipment for the rotational molding. The volume of plastic product is more 10m3!

Extrusion equipment.

Extrusion line for the manufacture of polimer sheets and films.

The ENGINEERING COMPANY MAGISTRAL creates and produces extrusion equipment for the manufacture of polimer sheets and polimer films with the full technological cycle, which include the processing of secondary materials of vacuum forming.

Extrusion line EXT 1600/110 /260 for the manufacture of polimer (ABS, PS, HDPE, LDPE, PP) sheets and films."

Extrusion line EXT 1700/110/260 UW for the manufacture of double polimer sheets and films.

Vacuum forming machines and pneumatic molding equipment.

Vacuum forming machines with double sided heat of polymer sheets.

The ENGINEERING COMPANY MAGISTRAL is a manufacturer of unique vacuum molding equipment with double-sided heating of polymer sheets. Double-sided vacuum forming machines was created for the production of plastic products big-size. This equipment, in contrast to other bilateral counterparts, allows pre pneumatic moulding of plastic sheet.

vacuum molding machine Attention! You need any flash player to view video clips in the browser window, as Macromedia Flash player . You can download it from the sait of produser or from our sait.. New double sided vacuum forming machine:
VFM 2800.2000.1400 W

vacuum forming machine
VFM 3000.2000.1000 GW
с with double sided heating of plastic sheets.

Vacuum forming machine
VFM 2400.1400.850
(manufacture of acrylic bathtubs and liners in the baths).

double sided vacuum
forming machine
VFM 2800.2000.1400 W.

with the finished product.

Vacuum forming equipment on an individual project.

Vacuum forming equipment of "Universal" series.

Vacuum forming machine

Vacuum forming machine
VFM 6000.1400.800
the size of forming 5.5 m

Vacuum molding machine

Serial vacuum molding machine Universal-2

Vacuum forming machine

Air molding equipment for
the production of blister packs and aprons.
Automatic Blister Forming Machines.

Automatic blister forming machines
Automatic blister forming machines PFL-2/600
for the production of blister packs and aprons.

EC MAGISTRAL produces automatic blister forming machines (thermoforming and pneumatic) different purposes. Automatic blister forming machines are used to form blisters from roll fed sheet. Materials which can used for automatic blister forming machines are PVC, PS, PP, PET etc.

Automatic blister forming machines PFL-2/600
Automatic blister forming machines PFL-2/600 for the production of blister packs and aprons.

Design and assembly of vacuum-forming equipment in our company is manufactured by taking into account individual technological features of production of particular products the customer. We produce our equipment to order! Production of equipment to order! We commit ourselves to producing high-quality product on the equipment during its acceptance.

Our equipment is used by firms for the production different plastic products:

  • advertising equipment and products of advertising destination
  • acrylic bathtub and liners
  • external and internal wall panels
  • composting biotoilets and toilets cabins
  • blister packs
  • road fences
  • wares of car tuning and protection of car
  • plastic shells of mini ATVs
  • details of refrigerators and refrigerating cases and chests
  • Forms for molding of concrete articles (artificial stone, paving flag, balusters…)
  • Small boats
  • Elements of telephone conduit and sales auxiliaries
  • Septic tanks of the local canalization
  • sledges

Automatic vacuum forming machine VFL 1350 for the production of blister package. Thermoforming equipment for the production of artificial decorative stone.

Vacuum-molding machines for plastic
containers and large tanks.

Vacuum-molding machines: <br> forming  of septic tank.

Vacuum-forming equipment
for hollow forming.
ВФМ 2.5х1.5х1.5W

container  after forming

Vacuum-forming machine for
manufacture of big plastic
hollow containers and tanks

septic tanks for  local canalization  of cottages

Two-compartment septic tanks
for local canalization

Manufacture plastic wares big size
on vacuum-forming machines

Using its vacuum-forming equipment and forms, EC MAGISTRAL produces different plastic wares: toilet cabins, composting biotoilets, acrylic bathtub and others. Thickness of using polymer sheets - from 0.1 to 15 mm.

toilet cabin Prestige

Mobile toilet cabin Prestige

toilet cabin Universal

Mobile toilet cabin Universal

toilet cabin Prestige
Mobile toilet cabin Prestige Lux

Toilet cabins Prestige Lux and Universal - are mobile new bio toilets with plastic base.

туалетная кабина Бастион
Mobile toilet cabin Bastion

toilet cabin Standard
Mobile toilet cabin Standart

Mobile toilet cabin Econom: most economy variant.
Mobile toilet cabin Econom.

Composting bio toilets MINI
Composting bio toilets
Mini M and Lux M

Composting bio toilets EvroKompact
Composting bio toilet

Composting bio toilets  LUX Turbo
Composting bio toilet
LUX Turbo

Composting bio toilet Amer
Composting bio toilet

acrylic bathtub 1500 мм
  ABS+PMMA acrylic bathtubs and liners

Acrylic bathtubs and liners

net cage and mooring systems

net cage and mooring systems, pontoons

EC MAGISTRAL produces from HDPE different floating wares: net cage for fish farming, pontoons, mooring systems.
All products can be used during long time.

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